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Advantages of Calbrandt Railcar Movers

• Safety. Operators do not need to be near a railcar when the Railcar Mover is hooking up or moving a railcar.

• Low operating costs.

• Minimal maintenance costs. No diesel engine maintenance or refueling.

• Electric motors are the prime mover, so no exhaust emissions.

• Always present at the load out or receiving area. Never an occasion where it is driven off to another location in the facility and the operation must wait for availability.

• Ease of use. Simple push button station, HMI, or remote-control operation.

• Fewer operators required. One operator can control the railcar mover and other equipment at the same time.

• PLC controlled. The control system can be interlocked with existing controls to ensure that load spouts and other equipment is clear of the railcars prior to movement.

• Quiet operation.

• Can be designed for NEC Hazardous Duty Locations.

Calbrandt also manufactures many different Railcar Hopper Gate Openers, including Portable Gate Openers, Rail Mounted Gate Openers, Medium and Heavy Duty Gate Openers (for opening gates on the fly), Remote Operated Gate Openers, and fully Automated Railcar Gate Openers.


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