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Recently shipped another Calbrandt TPS-118 Railcar Gate Opener

Calbrandt railcar gate openers are designed to fit any application. Our line of standard gate openers are heavy-duty and long lasting in any environment.

Gate Opener loaded on a shipping truck
Calbrandt Standard Railcar Gate Opener

Calbrandt's Standard Railcar Gate Opener Features:

* Chuck tool 1,400 FT‐LBS at 0‐22 RPM

* Power traverse speeds 0‐150 FPM

* Hydraulic controls (up/down, in/out, tool rotate, traverse, opƟonal turret swing)

* Configurable arm length

* Services 1 or 2 tracks

* On‐board or off‐board hydraulic power unit

* Energy chain or overhead gantry

* NEMA 4 or NEMA 9

* 480VAC/3Ph/60Hz or 575VAC/3Ph/60Hz

* Standard or corrosive duty paint

* Track lengths designed for any pit (typically 8 FT longer than pit)

For more information contact Calbrandt 763-972-8888 or email


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