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Recently Installed Calbrandt Railcar Mover and Gate Opener

Calbrandt has been a leading Railroad Equipment Supplier for over 40 years, providing Railcar Movers, Railcar Gate Openers, and Railcar Retarders to variety of customers handling many different commodities. Freight rail customers are using our Railcar Movers to index / spot strings of railcars for load out or receiving, and our Hopper Door Openers to open / close railcar hopper gates at their facilities across the world.

Our Railcar Movers are all foundation or rail tie mounted, and include Low Dog Indexers, Low Dog Progressors, Low Dog Indexer Progressors, Axle Indexers, Axle Progressors, Coupler Arm Indexers, Cantilever Indexers, Body Pin Indexers, and High Dog Indexers. We also have a variety of Gate Openers from simple to fully automated.

These photos depict an application where Calbrandt provided a High Dog Indexer and a Gate Opener. The controls for the Indexer are on-board the Gate Opener. This allows one operator to be able to Index a string of railcars to spot them over a pit, and to also open / close the hopper gates, while seated on the Gate Opener’s operator chair.

Railcar Mover and Railcar Gate Opener
Calbrandt Railcar Mover and Gate Opener Combo


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